Most updated Regulations and syllabus:



The degree programme extends over two years of part‑time study.  The first year curriculum provides candidates with a broad, integrated understanding of the social science approach to the study of media, culture, and creative cities.  The second year, building upon that foundation, introduces the candidates to a variety of contemporary developments in criminology and related media and cultural issues.

In the first year candidates are required to satisfy the examiners by written examination and coursework in each of the following:

SOCI7005 Theories of Media, Culture and Creative Cities

SOCI7006 Research Methods in Media, Culture and Creative Cities

SOCI7007 Globalisation and the Cultural Mosaic: An Asian Perspective

SOCI7008 Critical Issues of Media, Culture and Creative Cities

and in the second year candidates are required to satisfy the examiners by coursework in four of the following:

SOCI8023 Media and Popular Culture in Asian Cities

SOCI8024 New Media and Digital Culture

SOCI8025 Consumer Cultures and Everyday Life

SOCI8026 Self-identity and Late-modern Society

SOCI8027 Body, Intimacy and Sexuality

SOCI8028 Cultural Policies and Global Cities

SOCI8029 Creative Industries and Creative Cities

SOCI80xx Special topics in media, culture and creative cities

And to complete:

SOCI8030 Capstone Project

Candidates should consult the Department of Sociology to find out what courses are being offered in any given year.

Candidates may apply to substitute for a listed course or courses in the MSocSc (Media, Culture and Creative Cities) syllabus with a course or courses offered by other departments in the University.  Candidates may: (a) select courses from a list of pre-approved courses issued by the Department of Sociology; or (b) apply to be granted permission to take other postgraduate courses which are not listed as pre-approved courses.  In both cases, the courses will have been approved by the Curriculum Development Committee as being of equivalent standard to that of those listed for the MSocSc (Media, Culture and Creative Cities) syllabus.  Candidates shall normally be permitted to take not more than two courses from other departments in the University.  Permission normally will be granted only to take postgraduate courses, and only for those courses which can be shown to have relevance to the candidates’ overall course of study.

Candidates are assessed for each course in the first year by way of a 2-hour written examination that accounts for 40% of total marks and 60% by coursework assignments.  In the second year they are assessed by 100% coursework and may include written tests.